Top 10 Global Hotspots for Rapidly Growing Millionaire Populations Revealed—Only 3 U.S. Cities Make the List

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Henley & Partners have identified and ranked the global cities with the highest concentration and fastest growth of millionaires, centi-millionaires, and billionaires in 2023. Here are the top 10 cities on the list.

New York

Times Square New York
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New York City as a financial powerhouse, secured the top spot on the global millionaire hotspot list with the largest number of millionaires and centi-millionaires. It was second on the list in terms of number of billionaires, although the growth of millionaires in the last decade was only 40%

HNWI (1m+): 340,000

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 724

Billionaires (1bn+): 58


Tokyo, Japan view of Shibuya Crossing, one of the busiest crosswalks in the world.
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The vibrant metropolis of Tokyo stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity, boasting a thriving economy and a bustling atmosphere that attracts both local and international investors.

Although the number of millionaires is high, the growth decreased by 5% in the last decade.

HNWI (1m+): 290,300

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 250

Billionaires (1bn+): 14

San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco downtown skyline Aerial view at sunset from Ina Coolbrith Park Hill in San Francisco, California, USA.
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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of California, the San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for its technological prowess and entrepreneurial spirit, making it a magnet for wealthy individuals seeking to capitalize on the latest innovations.

Silicon Valley and the growth of the technology sector has resulted in 68% growth in the number of millionaires in the last decade. Incidentally the bay area is also home to the largest number of billionaires worldwide.

HNWI (1m+): 285,000

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 629

Billionaires (1bn+): 63


London, UK
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As the cultural and financial heart of the United Kingdom, London exudes sophistication and wealth, with its historic landmarks and bustling financial districts attracting affluent individuals from around the globe.

Although London has the fourth highest number of millionaires, the growth decreased by 15% in the last decade.

HNWI (1m+): 258,000

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 384

Billionaires (1bn+): 36


Singapore skyline at the Merlion fountain.
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With its strategic location, business-friendly policies, and vibrant multicultural society, Singapore has emerged as a global hub for wealth and investment, offering a plethora of opportunities for affluent individuals seeking to grow their fortunes.

The number of millionaires in the last decade increased by 40%

HNWI (1m+): 240,100

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 329

Billionaires (1bn+): 27

Los Angeles

Los Angeles downtown skyline cityscape in CA, USA
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From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the thriving tech scene in Silicon Beach, Los Angeles epitomizes the American dream, drawing in millionaires and celebrities alike with its promise of fame, fortune, and endless opportunities.

HNWI (1m+): 205,400

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 480

Billionaires (1bn+): 42

Hong Kong

Hong Kong harbour
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A dazzling fusion of East and West, Hong Kong shines as a beacon of prosperity and innovation in the heart of Asia, attracting wealthy individuals with its dynamic business environment and vibrant cultural scene.

With the shift in political climates, Hong Kong has the largest drop in the millionaire count by 27% in the last decade.

HNWI (1m+): 129,500

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 290

Billionaires (1bn+): 32


Great Wall of China at the Jinshanling section.
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As the political and cultural capital of China, Beijing boasts a rich history and a booming economy, with its modern skyline and historic landmarks attracting affluent individuals eager to capitalize on the country’s rapid growth and development.

HNWI (1m+): 128,200

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 354

Billionaires (1bn+): 43


Shanghai skyline
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With its soaring skyscrapers and bustling streets, Shanghai epitomizes the dynamism and ambition of modern China, offering a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors looking to tap into the country’s burgeoning economy.

Shanghai saw the fastest increase in millionaire count in the last decade at 72%

HNWI (1m+): 127,200

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 332

Billionaires (1bn+): 40


Sydney Harbour with Sydney opera house at night, Australia
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Surrounded by stunning beaches and natural beauty, Sydney combines laid-back charm with urban sophistication, making it a desirable destination for wealthy individuals seeking a high quality of life and lucrative investment opportunities.

HNWI (1m+): 126,900

Centi-millionaires (100m+): 184

Billionaires (1bn+): 15

America Dominates the Centi-millionaire List

Map of USA
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As per the report by Henley & Partners, the wealth of centi-millionaires typically stems from various sources, including inheritance, the sale of their businesses, stock market investments, and leadership roles in successful multinational corporations and tech companies.

Monitoring this wealth bracket is crucial as it provides valuable insights into a country’s private wealth sector, serving as an effective gauge of its financial well-being. Unlike GDP, which overlooks real estate and equity transactions, private wealth offers a more comprehensive measure of economic health.

Moreover, while some smaller countries or emerging markets may lack billionaires, they often boast a substantial number of centi-millionaires, highlighting the influence and significance of their affluent population, which outnumber billionaires by almost tenfold globally.

The majority of centi-millionaires at the country level are concentrated in the United States, closely followed by the emerging markets of China and India.

Importance of Tracking Global Millionaire Trends

Successful businessman and big city
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Understanding which cities are attracting wealth can offer cues about emerging industries, job markets, and investment prospects. In 1920, Detroit was the fourth largest city in the U.S.  As high paying manufacturing jobs vanished, the city began to decline.

Secondly, it offers a comparative perspective, allowing individuals to assess their own city’s economic health and potential for growth. Best states for real estate investing are located in the path of progress with plenty of economic opportunities for job growth.

By staying informed about wealth distribution trends, average Americans can better navigate their own financial paths, whether it involves relocation, investment strategies, or career choices.

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