As Inflation Looms, Here’s How Farmland Can Protect Investors

You don’t need to be an economist to see inflation picking up all around us. Prices of commodities from lumber to copper are climbing higher every day. 

As part of prudent asset allocation, our income-producing assets should include assets that act as a hedge against inflation.

Why the Economy Might Be Poised for Long-Term Inflation

Most elements of the global economy were halted for a year. To get the economy back on track, central banks around the world have lowered interest rates. 

Inflation has different effects on different assets. Commodities, for example, typically rise in value when retail prices rise.

How Inflation Impacts Your Investments

Inflation makes stocks more volatile as well: value stocks can perform well while dividend-paying stocks may not. 

The Role Farmland Investing Plays as an Inflation Hedge

For accredited investors, farmland investing offers unique advantages as an inflation hedge.

When you invest in farmland, you include a unique asset that shares similarities with agricultural commodities, real estate, and even precious metals.

How to Invest in Farmland

FarmTogether is a technology-enabled, all-in-one platform that enables accredited investors to browse properties, review due diligence materials.

When you invest on FarmTogether, you’re purchasing shares in an LLC, and you become a partial owner of a farm of your choice, therefore becoming entitled to proportionate returns.

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