Recession-Proof Stocks: Best Stocks To Buy In A Recession


Rising inflation coupled with the aggressive rate hikes by the Federal Reserve has led to real concerns about a recession. Recessions, of course, impact countless areas of our lives, including stock investments.

If experience has taught us anything, a diversified portfolio can survive and flourish during recessions.

What Is a Recession-Proof Stock?


A recession-proof stock is a security that can remain relatively unscathed even during times of economic hardship and market volatility.

What Industries Do Well in a Recession?


Utility Companies Even in the direst of economic times, consumers tend to consume relatively similar energy levels. It means that the companies that provide energy – known as utility companies – will still perform well during a recession.

Consumer Staples No matter how bad a recession is, people will need certain things: Food, clothing (even if it is less expensive or lower quality), supplies for school, and more.

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