Coast FIRE is an alternative way to fill your retirement accounts and retire while incorporating flexibility in your retirement savings plan.

What Is Coast FIRE?

The Coast FIRE movement is geared around the idea that you can frontload retirement savings and stop contributing to retirement accounts.

Coast FIRE is a slight offshoot of traditional FIRE. It involves a massive acceleration of your retirement contributions.

How Does Coast FIRE Differ From Traditional FIRE?

How To Calculate Your Coast FIRE Number?

To meet your FIRE number, you have to multiply your annual expenses by 25. It should include living and significant costs.

How Can I Use Coast FIRE To Retire Early?

You should consult with a certified financial planner who is an expert in Coast FIRE and understands how to help people reach this critical goal.

1. Peace of Mind 2. Stepping Stone to Other FIRE Paths 3. Blends With Life Changes 4. More Investment Options 5. Career Flexibility 6. Location Flexibility

What Are the Benefits of Coast FIRE?

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