Distressed Real Estate Investing: How To Get Started


Most property owners are interested in buying low and selling high in real estate investing. Distressed real estate investing may provide an excellent opportunity for investors to purchase properties at a substantial discount.

However, the risk involved with buying distressed properties is massive. There are nearly endless ways that buying distressed properties can go wrong, including spending far more on property repairs than necessary – or worse, losing control of the property.

What Is Distressed Real Estate Investing


A distressed property means that the property owner is in financial distress and has fallen behind on the mortgage payments or tax bills.

The owner may be going through the foreclosure or pre-foreclosure process due to an inability to pay for the property. The owners may look to sell their property as fast as possible.

How To Find Distressed Properties


Abandoned properties are properties that have been vacated and abandoned by their homeowners. To identify abandoned properties, drive or walk around your neighborhood and look for signs of abandonment.

Abandoned & Vacant Homes

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