Free Land In The US: Small Towns Where It Is Still Possible 


The US government used to offer homesteading programs to encourage westward expansion. While those days are long over, there are still a few ways to score some free land.

First, it is essential to understand that the United States has a long history of offering free land to individuals willing to uproot their lives and start anew in a brand new place.

How To Get Free Land


If you meet the appropriate standards and are willing to move to small towns – or participate in an urban homestead program – you can obtain free lots in many states throughout the country and receive free land.

It is essential to understand that several factors, including your income, criminal record, residency requirements, and more, may constrain your ability to get free land in the United States.

Small Towns Where It Is Still Possible


Iowa A few places in Iowa, another largely rural state, have also begun to offer free land.

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