Here Are The Best Ways To Get Free Books Online

I love absolutely love reading! I am a real bookworm. And I continually search for the best ways to get free books online. Why? Because books can be pretty expensive!

In fact, the book 5 regrets of the dying, got me focused on getting my act together financially. I have an entire list of books which were influential in developing the right mindset for Financial Freedom.

1. Overdrive. Many public library systems use Overdrive for their ebook collections.  2.Project Gutenberg . is a digital library that uploads free public domain ebooks to make them available to the public.  3.Amazon Free ebooks. Yes. Amazon has kindle ebooks for free! Simply search for ebooks and sort from price low to high.

3 Places that Have Free Books Online

1.Amazon credit for prime members- this one is specifically for prime members. Sign up for author emails.  2.Authors want you to read their books so they will often host giveaways or let you know of deals for their books.

2 Ways to Get Creative to Get Free Books Online

15 Sites that have free books online in various formats – is a website that allows you to download five free ebooks a month. That is an easy way to download and read free ebooks. – has 400 popular classics available free of charge. Once you add them to your bookshelf- they are yours. No need to return! – has many free ebooks available for download in various formats. Not all books are free, but they do have a lot of free options to look through. – This site is the place to go if you are looking for a computer, math, or technical books. They don’t actually have the books, but they redirect you to sites that do have them.

4 Free Trials to get free books online Kindle Unlimited- is a subscription service run by Amazon that gives you access to thousands of books to read free on your Amazon Kindle for a monthly fee. Reading IQ- has thousands of children’s books for kids at all levels- starting from pre-readers and moving up.

EPIC – is another kid’s reading resource. That is more of a teaching resource, and it allows you to track your kid’s progress and personalize your kids reading. Scribd– has unlimited free books and audiobooks and tons of magazines when you sign up for their subscription.

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