House Hacking: Learn How To Live For Free In Your House


Most Americans’ most significant contributor to their average net worth is their house. However, we do not include our primary residence in our liquid net worth since your place does not produce any income.

What Is House Hacking


House hacking means turning your house into an income-producing asset and using it for revenue-generation purposes. It is also a way to start real estate investing using little to no money down.

House hacking can be done with your primary residence, although there are also ways to use house hacking that extend beyond just turning a house into a rental. By living in a property you own (or are in the process of buying), you can live for free while also earning rental income.

Benefits of House Hacking


House hacking is a strategy that allows you to live in your investment property while renting out rooms or units. Doing so can offset a portion of your living expenses and potentially live for free or close to it.

Affordable Mortgage Payments

House hacking can provide an excellent opportunity to build equity and create long-term wealth. For example, let’s say you purchase a duplex for $200,000.

Build Equity

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