Midterm elections are considered a critical moment in American politics in the United States, as they can often determine which party controls Congress.

Green Light to PACs Accepting Crypto Contributions

In July 2022, the California Fair Political Practices Commission unanimously voted to repeal the state’s cryptocurrency ban and adopt new rules for accepting crypto funds.

The Rise of Crypto  Super PACs

As per the FEC data, the total receipts for the PAC now exceed $28M, with the lion’s share from billionaire Bankman-Fried. The PAC could potentially sway House races in Ohio and Oregon.

Politicians Gravitating Toward Cryptocurrency

The Congressional Blockchain Caucus comprises a bipartisan group of Members of Congress and Staff. They believe in the future of blockchain technology.

Lined Circle

According to a Haun Ventures report, roughly 18% of voters in the four swing states of New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, said they owned cryptocurrency or nonfungible tokens.

Increased Cryptocurrency Adoption

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