Buy Borrow Die: How To Avoid Taxes Like The Rich


The “Buy, Borrow, Die” strategy has been adopted by affluent individuals who enlist the aid of financial planning specialists to maintain their lavish lifestyles while minimizing taxes.

Let us explore how we can adopt a similar strategy of borrowing money for living expenses instead of working for a living and what are the economic conditions to make it successful.

What Is Buy, Borrow, Die?


The ‘Buy, Borrow, Die’ concept explores how wealthy people can conserve their wealth for future generations by reducing their tax burden.

The strategy depends on investing wisely and using legal tax planning loopholes instead of unscrupulous practices.

How Does a Buy, Borrow, Die Strategy Work?


Buy, borrow, die is a pretty straightforward strategy once you understand what each of the three steps stands for. Let’s look at each piece of the process to understand better what happens along the way.

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