It is almost the epitome of the American dream: Starting with nothing and striking it rich, becoming a billionaire overnight

The Right Life

According to studies, family life is the number one factor determining wealth. It doesn’t mean you must be born into a billion dollars or have generational wealth.

Most people who become billionaires cite their family – and particularly their work ethic – as a large part of their financial success.

Learning From Those  Who Have Been There

Warren Buffett

Buffet started numerous business partnerships and slowly expanded them, investing more and more money and pursuing a value investing approach.

Paul Allen

Allen became one of the world’s billionaires with his steadfast belief that the personal computer would revolutionize the world.

Lined Circle

A combination of innovation and business smarts resulted in Dyson building a massive cleaning company that could create vacuum cleaners that didn’t need replaceable bags.

James Dyson

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