How To Improve Human Capital And Accelerate Financial Freedom

If I ask you to name your biggest asset what would top the list? Many home owners in a high cost-of-living area would mention their home. Some would log into their Personal Capital account and mention their investments.

A few landlords would tout their cash flowing real estate syndications . A minority would mention their fancy car. I am hoping in that case it is at least a Lamborghini Did any of you mention your own Human Capital? Personally, I would rank my human capital over every other asset I own.

What Is Human Capital? Human capital is the present value of all future wages. We go to work every day and are paid wages. The sum of those wages is our Human Capital. Over a lifetime, our total Human Capital would range anywhere from $5M to $50M.

The best way to improve your Human Capital is by investing in yourself. Here are 6 ways to accomplish this goal.

How To Improve Your Human Capital

Learn New Skills

You need to make yourself more valuable at work and stand out among your competition by improving your job skills. While your college major would have provided you with the technical skills needed; what is often overlooked is the soft skills needed to survive and thrive at work.

Add value outside of your team

Besides making sure you are considered valuable to your boss and team it is equally important to make sure you are well liked by other individuals outside of your team.  In every organization for bonus or promotion discussions; your boss makes recommendations for individuals who went above and beyond.

Ask for that promotion If you do not place a high value on your work; it is unreasonable to expect anyone else to also value your work. Gone are the days when you do a great job and expect someone will notice and reward you for it. The best time to ask for a promotion is at least a year in advance. This ensures that your boss is well aware of your ambitions and can work with you on drafting your career goals.

Network with recruiters Build a relationship with recruiters who approach you for jobs even if you are not interested in the job offer. Provide referrals from your network to fill the job position they are working on hiring. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

Attend interviews for jobs one level above your current title Even if you do not get the job you interviewed; consider it a practice. And we all know Practice makes Perfect

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