How To Retire Early: Step-By-Step Guide To Retire At Any Age

The way you want to live when you retire will determine how much money you need to have saved up before quitting your job and how long it will take for your savings to reach a point where they can support your income requirements.

The best place to start is your current budget. If you do not have one or want to make sure your estimated current budget matches your actual spending, an easy way to do this is to sign up for a free account at Personal Capital.

If you plan for early retirement, ask yourself how much more money you are likely to spend.

How To Retire Early With Stocks You do not need to be an expert stock picker and can stick to a diversified, low-cost total stock market fund and still do great.

While we may not agree with everything he says, there are nine decades of wisdom buried in Warren Buffett’s quotes.

How To Retire Early With Real Estate If you invest in rental real estate, you must match your current annual rental profit with the expected yearly retirement number.

Rental profit is calculated after subtracting your operating expenses and capital reserves. Do not assume your entire rent is your profit.

How To Retire Early With A Business Starting a business is no longer complicated. With a connected world spending a lot of time online, it is easier than ever to find customers and solve their problems.

Starting a business means that you could employ family members, increasing your household income and reducing your taxes.

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