The Cashflow Quadrant: How To Shift From Employee To Investor


Countless systems have been established that provide a much better understanding of what income generation is

One of the more successful and better-known examples of financial education is the Cashflow Quadrant, the book by Robert Kiyosaki.

How Does the Cashflow Quadrant Work? Robert Kiyosaki is a businessman, entrepreneur, and investor who has made his fortune helping others learn more about how they can achieve financial independence.

How To Shift From Employee To Investor


E (Employee) Quadrant The E Quadrant is where most people live their lives and generate income. E stands for employee and refers to a person with a job.

S (Self-Employed) Quadrant S refers to self-employed. Self-employed people work for themselves. As such, they have much more control over their financial destiny.

B (Business Owner) Quadrant The B quadrant of Rich Dad’s guide is where people can fully understand how to control their financial destiny and make their money work for them.

I (Investor) Quadrant I quadrant refers to investing. Investing means taking your hard-earned money and putting it into a financial instrument, like a stock, bond, or collectible.

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