The Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio for Economic Situations


Do you want to ensure consistent returns on your investments while managing risk? The Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio was designed to meet investors’ tolerance for risk and reward, balanced perfectly with the proper asset allocation and the correct mix of stocks, bonds, commodities, and cash.

Who is Harry Browne?


Harry Browne is a relatively well-known financial and investment advisor. Browne had a long investment advising career and service history in the United States armed forces.

Browne first expounded upon this permanent portfolio in his book “Fail-Safe Investing,” one of the 12 books that he ultimately authored. Of all of Browne’s books, this might have done the best job of laying out Browne’s fundamental approach to investment.

What is the Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio?


The Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio is defined as a medium-risk portfolio. Like all investment opportunities, there are no guarantees, and there have been plenty of times when the value of the Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio has declined.

The Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio consists of an equal allocation in the following asset classes: – 25% Stocks – 25% Gold

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