What Can You Buy With Bitcoin And Why Not To Use Crypto For Purchases


Bitcoin is a new and confusing technology. Yes, you’ve got some bitcoin and crypto stored in your digital bitcoin wallet.

You had decided to invest in cryptocurrency, and it feels good to see your number rise as part of your liquid net worth. While building wealth is good, that’s not all you want to do, right?

Everyday items You Can Buy With Bitcoin


You would have to travel to Prague for a while to buy your coffee with Bitcoin. The good thing is that you don’t have to do that anymore because Starbucks is also an option.


When we evaluate the various types of businesses, online business is the best due to the risk/reward ratio.

Web Hosting

Those who love watches will feel pretty excited to know that you can get your new watch using your cryptocurrency wallet. What’s even more exciting is that the companies willing to accept this kind of cash are selling high-end watches from Rolex and Cartier, to name a few.


Some airlines are now accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Airlines like Jetblue, Aeromexico, Airplus International, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, United, and Westjet are a few options.


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