Wholesale Real Estate Investing For Beginners: How To Be Profitable

In real estate wholesaling, you are typically looking for distressed properties that are below market value.

The buyers of wholesale properties are typically house flippers. Or they are long term buy and hold investors.

What Is Wholesale Real Estate Contract? A real estate wholesale contract is a document between the seller and the wholesaler, giving the wholesaler the exclusive legal right to buy the property at a predetermined price.

The wholesale purchase agreement signed between the seller and wholesaler states that the wholesaler can legally assign the contract to another buyer.

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To start wholesaling real estate; you need to find properties to wholesale and buyers interested in buying the properties.

Once you find a motivated seller, you need to market your property to your buyers. It is advisable to have a buyers list and keep it always updated.

After the seller has assigned the wholesaler the contract, the closing needs to occur. Depending on your local laws and your agreement with the title company, there are two closing types.

In a double closing, the buyer wires the funds to the title company. The wholesaler assigns the contract to the buyer.

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