Will Robots Take My Job? 3 Focus Areas For Future Survival

If you are wondering will robots take my job, the short answer is YES! The time frame, though, depends on what kind of job you are currently doing. 

What Jobs Will Robots Take Over In The Future When we talk about the future of work and will robots take my job, we are referring to Automation. Not Terminator-type robots are walking around.

The research is currently focused on machine learning and pattern recognition. I do not see technological growth becoming uncontrollable, resulting in self-aware robotic overlords in our lifetime.

Technology will replace human workers, which has been a known fact for several years.

Automation Killing Low Income Jobs

Automation Killing High Income Jobs

We should be prepared for current jobs, which are also highly paid, using robotics to replace human employment. We can easily automate the high-end job of a radiologist. 

Any job involving rules can be easily replicated with an algorithm and automated. Robotics replacing human employment affects high-paying and low-paying jobs equally.

Impact of Robots Taking Over Jobs On Human Capital If you are already wondering, how likely will robots take my job? The answer depends if your job can be automated.

Impact Of Robots Taking Over Jobs On Real Estate Investments

 Detroit faced job cuts brought about by automation. Demand for middle- and lower-skilled workers declined as the auto industry cut thousands of jobs.

Exit Options For Rental Property Investment Rental property investment is not very liquid like stocks. Also you cannot dollar cost average to reduce price volatility when buying a rental property investment.

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