10 Best Early Retirement Books You Need To Read

The early retirement books might contain only high-level concepts and not talk about current events, but they provide a suitable foundation by explaining the basic concepts.

Financial Independence Early Retirement (FIRE) has become more mainstream several individuals have chronicled their journey sprinkled with concrete advice.

Your Money Or Your Life The book’s basic concept emphasizes that when we work, we exchange our life energy (usually in the form of time) for money.

The book is a three-part series and starts with a reflective effort to create one’s money mission statement.

Work Optional

Rich Dad Poor Dad The book covers how to grow your assets and the difference between assets and liabilities. It also talks about how parents shape their children’s financial education.

Quit Like a Millionaire This book is excellent for young adults. The key takeaways are to have a high-paying college major, and your partner’s choice makes a big difference in achieving early retirement.

Retire Early with Real Estate Chad Carson is a real estate investor and also blogs about his journey. This book focuses on using real estate for early retirement.

Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence The book distills the various podcast episodes into a concise form. If you already listen to the podcast or read a few Financial Independence blogs, this book might seem dry.

How Much Money Do I Need To Retire I consider this early retirement book to be used for planning your retirement numbers and approach.

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