10 Best Early Retirement Books You Need To Read

From a return on investment perspective, books on early retirement provide the best bang for your buck. You can walk in the footsteps of others and avoid making the same mistakes.

The early retirement books might contain only high-level concepts and not talk about current events, but they provide a suitable foundation by explaining the basic concepts. Financial Independence Early Retirement (FIRE) has become more mainstream several individuals have chronicled their journey sprinkled with concrete advice.

Your Money Or Your Life Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez wrote this book in 1992. You can consider them to one of the earliest proponents of Financial Freedom before it was in vogue.

I have talked about this book in my post on 5 regrets of the dying. I also connected each regret to why financial freedom is the answer.

Five Regrets Of The Dying

Early Retirement Extreme

Jacob Lund Fisker is considered the OG of the early retirement movement. And the best part is that he was living in the San Francisco Bay Area dreaming of early retirement. As the title suggests, his methods to retire early are quite extreme.

The Simple Path to Wealth

At a high level, the book’s concepts are to buy the Total Stock Market Index periodically and not worry about the bull and bear markets you would experience in your lifetime. It is an early retirement book favorite due to the simplicity of the message. The best way to implement the strategy is to sign up for M1 Finance, which buys the various index fund ETFs and automatically rebalances with no fees.

How Much Money Do I Need To Retire 1. Traditional Model, which is an asset-based approach and is used in many free retirement calculators. His criticism is that the traditional model does not account for longevity risk or inflation.

2. Lifestyle Planning model focuses less on income in retirement and more on projecting what the spending will be in your retirement years. Spending in retirement is not smooth.

3) Cash Flow model relies on turning your assets into cash flow and using that to plan your retirement. He also talks about some of the misleading assumptions embedded in calculating retirement nest eggs. I consider this early retirement book to be used for planning your retirement numbers and approach.

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