15 Good Reasons To Retire Early

One of the advantages in achieving Financial Freedom is the choice to retire early.

No matter the age, retiring early has lots of benefits and is something everyone should consider.

Retire Early Because Your Time Is Limited

The primary reason people retire early is that life is uncertain. Health starts declining with age as well.

The most common reason people retire early is health concerns. Either due to physical or mental exhaustion, people reach a breaking point.

Retire Early To Stay Healthier

Retire Early To Enjoy A More Active Retirement

Retiring earlier offers the likelihood for a more vibrant and fun retirement as you will be younger than the average retiree.

Retire Earlier If You Can Afford It

If you want to simplify your retired life but still want real estate income consider investing in hands-off real estate assets like REITs or real estate crowdfunding.

Retire Early at 55 Or Later Based On Your 401(k)

When working, one of the most valuable employee benefits is investing in a 401(k) towards your retirement goals.

Retire at 62 Or Later Based On Social Security Retirement Benefits

Retirement is one of the reasons to take social security early. Your social security benefits indeed increase by about 8% for every year that you delay collecting beyond your full retirement age.

Retire Early If You Can Work Part-Time

If you’re not interested in retirement because you imagine being bored and unproductive, you can test it out with part-time work.

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