5 Best Retirement Calculators Which Are Totally Free

Calculating how to generate retirement income from several accumulated income producing assets is not easy. Each of the assets would have a different expected return.

Best Retirement Calculator Selection Criteria

To meet our retirement goal, we need to have income more than or equal to our expected expenses.

Early Retirement Now Calculator

Pros: 1. The early retirement calculator is highly customizable, and you can modify the expected rate of returns for each asset class.

Cons 1. You do need to spend time reading the entire series to utilize the calculator optimally.

While we may not agree with everything he says, there are nine decades of wisdom buried in Warren Buffett’s quotes.

Engaging Data Post-Retirement Calculator

The Engaging Data Post retirement calculator is unique because of the way it approaches retirement.

cFIREsim Retirement Calculator

The cFIREsim Retirement Calculator has been a favorite since it is created by a member of the early retirement community.

Personal Capital Retirement Calculator

Personal Capital is a free tool with many different features. It also alerts me if there are hidden fees in my portfolio, and has a budget tracker included. 

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