Accountability Partner And How To Pick One

With an accountability partner, you both each agree to meet regularly. Share progress updates, provide feedback, brainstorm how to overcome your challenges.

Accountability is a mutually beneficial relationship and an excellent way to conquer your goals.

Not everyone needs an accountability partner for all activities. But if you are struggling with a goal; an accountability partner can make it easier.

You should feel comfortable with each other. Especially when you confess that you have not achieved what you had committed to do.

Characteristics Of A Good Accountability Partner

Individuals to Avoid As Accountability Partner

Your Employees You will put them in an uncomfortable position. Due to the power dynamic; they would be unable to challenge you.

Now that you have a good idea of the characteristics of a good accountability partner and power dynamics to avoid; let us figure out where to find your ideal accountability partner.

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Since your goals need to match; the best place is someone who already is involved in the activity.

Define your Goals Make sure you and your accountability partner have a clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish. Break it down into weekly or monthly goals.

If your accountability partner decides that they need a new partner, don’t take it personally. This is specially true if you asked a friend or a family member to be your accountability partner.

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