Farmland Investing: Is It Worth It And How To Get Started?

Farmland investing has a long history of producing stable returns. The returns are due to increasing farmland values and the profit from the cash crops.

No one is making more land. As the population keeps increasing, we need to build more houses, acquire more land for transportation, shopping, etc., reducing the amount of farmland available.

Also, with the increased global population, demand for food increases, making the existing shrinking supply of farmland more valuable.

Crops grown on farmland are sold for profit. The income produced by farmland investing can be considered similar to rent.

While we may not agree with everything he says, there are nine decades of wisdom buried in Warren Buffett’s quotes.

How Can I Invest In U.S. Farmland? Buy Non-agricultural Land And Convert It You can buy land and convert it to be used as farmland after obtaining the necessary approvals.

Buy Agricultural Land Buying agricultural land is a more comfortable option since it is currently used for farming purposes, and irrigation is available.

How To Invest In Crowdfunded Farmland Farmland investing platforms like FarmTogether make it easy to invest in farmland in a crowdfunded manner.

How Do You Evaluate Farmland As an Investment? Evaluating farmland requires the expertise of a team that understands the asset. Several factors determine the value of farmland.

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