Farmland Investing: Is It Worth It And How To Get Started?

Once you accumulate significant wealth, it is time to shift gears into preservation mode. There is no point in continuing to play risky games when you have already won.

It is now time to earn steady returns with asset-backed securities like crowdfunded real estate or farmland investing.

Farmland investing has a long history of producing stable returns. The returns are due to increasing farmland values and the profit from the cash crops.

The best part about investing in farmland is that it is not subject to government interference like rental properties.

Is Land A Better Investment Than Stock?

Investing in farmland provides diversification compared to stocks. The advantage of diversification is that when stocks are falling, the portion of your portfolio invested in farmlands is steady.

Farmland returns are less volatile than other asset classes like stocks, bitcoin, or even rental properties. No matter what happens to the economy, people still need food to eat.

Buying agricultural land is a more comfortable option since it is currently used for farming purposes, and irrigation is available.

Evaluating farmland requires the expertise of a team that understands the asset. Several factors determine the value of farmland.

Like real estate, you can determine land-based value on comparable sales in that geographic area in the recent past.

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