Real Estate Note Investing: How To Generate Passive Income Using Mortgage Notes

Real estate note investing can be a great way to build generational wealth and create income.

Investing in real estate notes has a lot of advantages and provides unique possibilities.

What is Real Estate Note Investing or Mortgage Note Investing? Real estate note investing involves purchasing mortgage notes to make money from – Interest payments.

The mortgage note contains the terms of how you will repay your loan and how your home will be used as collateral if you fail to pay back the loan.

Mortgage Note

Types of Mortgage  Notes or Real Estate Notes

There are various types of mortgage notes in different categories.  The four leading real estate note investing categories include lien position, loan performance, asset class, and type.

How to Make Money Investing in Mortgage Notes

When a lender lends a mortgage loan to a borrower, the lender may sell the loan to an investor looking to invest in an asset that pays regular income.

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