Personal Capital Review 2022 – Pros And Cons

What gets measured gets managed – Peter Drucker in The Practice of Management.

Everyone has found value in some form of measurement to track goals which are important to them.

In order to accelerate our Financial Freedom Countdown; we should at any point in time know which direction we want to go.

What is Personal Capital? Personal Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor with over $12B in assets under management.

While we may not agree with everything he says, there are nine decades of wisdom buried in Warren Buffett’s quotes.

Get started by signing up and linking all your banking, investment and retirement accounts. Your entire financial life at-a-glance is now visible in a simple, easy to use actionable dashboard.

Why is Personal Capital Free?

Personal Capital operates on a “fremium” model. While the above features are all free; it also has a wealth management service with over $12 billion in assets under management.

They would ideally like some of their users to start using their paid services.

Personal Capital charges a 0.89% account management fee for the first $1 million and reduces to as low as 0.40% for larger account balances.

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