Investing can seem daunting, especially when considering its psychological aspect. Even if you know how to invest, the daily headlines will make you second-guess your decisions.

It was designed to fit any economic mood or investment style.  Its components are meant to ensure slow and steady growth while protecting you from extreme volatility.

What Is the Ray Dalio  All Weather Portfolio

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The Ray Dalio All Weather Portfolio asset allocation consists of the following rough breakdown of asset classes:

– 30% stocks – 40% long-term bonds – 15% intermediate-term bonds – 15% commodities

Why Does the All Weather Portfolio Work

As a result, the All-weather portfolio is expected to tackle the four economic conditions: – Rising prices  – Falling prices  – Rising growth – Falling growth 

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How To Build an All-Weather Portfolio

It is possible to recreate the Ray Dalio All weather portfolio using M1Finance.

According to historical data, the entire portfolio has performed well, even during market downturns. It has shown constant and consistent growth in various financial markets.

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