Rent-To-Own Mobile Homes: Are They Worth It?

A mobile home can also be referred to as a manufactured home. Today’s manufactured homes are built with high-quality construction and come in various sizes.

Mobile Homes Available Sizes

– Single-wide has a living space  – A double-wide manufactured home  – A triple-wide or multi-wide manufactured home

– Single-wide:  $57,600 to $64,000 – Double-wide:  $110,300 to $122,900 – Triple or multi-wide: $81,900 to $177,000

Manufactured Homes Prices

No Down Payment

When you look at a rent-to-own mobile home, there is no down payment to worry about.

Floral Frame

Rent-To-Own Agreement

A rent-to-own agreement could have higher monthly rents than a traditional rental agreement. The advantage is that a portion of the rent goes for the purchase price of the manufactured home.

Terrain Map
Terrain Map

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