Should I Sell My Stocks Now? 5 Good And 4 Wrong Reasons On When To Sell Stocks

You should always invest with an end goal in mind. It could be something as long-term as retirement. Or it could be short-term as your kid’s college education.

When picking individual stocks, you could often run into issues where your original thesis proves to be wildly incorrect. Fraud is the most common example.

When to sell stocks was an easy decision for me to buy my primary home when prices temporarily dropped in the San Francisco Area.

Better Investment Opportunities

Taxes eat up a large chunk of your hard-earned money. Effective tax planning strategies are the key to reducing your overall taxable income.

Tax Planning Strategies

When Not To Sell Stocks

No one has any idea how the stock market performs daily or even on a long-term basis. And that includes experts who have called past bubbles.

How Should You Invest?

Investing in stocks is hard. Timing when to buy and sell is more challenging. Turning off the daily gloom and doom news and sticking to your investment plan is more problematic due to many behavioral and psychological challenges.

There is nothing inherently wrong with bad news, but we should be conscious of the world we live in and the media cycle pushing the more sensational story to grab our attention.

The human spirit will grow and make this a better and more efficient place to live than before. If that assumption turns out to be incorrect, we have a lot more to worry about than the value of our stock portfolio.

So just put your investment on autopilot. Use the free time to enjoy life. There is no need to spend time and energy focusing on when to sell stocks.

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