5 Best Retirement Calculators Which Are Totally Free

Early retirement is a fun aspirational goal. Planning for retirement is challenging. One needs to make a set of assumptions for more than 30 years in the future.

Calculating how to generate retirement income from several accumulated income producing assets is not easy. Each of the assets would have a different expected return.

You should have at least 25 times your planned annual spending saved as a retirement nest egg at a basic rule of thumb.

Pros: The early retirement calculator is highly customizable, and you can modify the expected rate of returns for each asset class.

Early Retirement Now Calculator

Cons: You do need to spend time reading the entire series to utilize the calculator optimally.

Smart Asset Retirement Calculator

Pros: Takes into consideration the taxation aspect of various accounts. You can enter the current totals for your 401(k) and Roth separately.

Cons: Doesn’t breakdown returns by asset classes. You can only select a blended return, which is hard to calculate if your portfolio consists of stocks, bonds, gold, etc.

Engaging Data Post-Retirement Calculator

The Engaging Data Post retirement calculator is unique because of the way it approaches retirement. Most calculators optimize for the scenario of not running out of money.

The post-retirement calculator uses the average social security mortality credits to calculate the probability of death.

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