Accountability Partner And How To Pick One

With an accountability partner, you both each agree to meet regularly. Share progress updates, provide feedback, brainstorm how to overcome your challenges.

A gym buddy is the most common example of an accountability partner.

You might already be having an accountability partner without even realizing it. Or formalizing the relationship.

If you are struggling with a goal; an accountability partner can make it easier.

Why Do You Need An Accountability Partner?

When selecting an Accountability partner you need to make sure that both of you are on the same page.

Characteristics Of A Good Accountability Partner You should feel comfortable with each other. Especially when you confess that you have not achieved what you had committed to do.

When tackling goals, we are often deep into the weeds and can’t see something which is glaringly obvious. A good accountability partner should help us uncover our own blind spots.

Someone with the ability to motivate you and push you forward would make a great accountability partner.

An accountability partner should be available for the periodic check-ins at the mutually agreed time. If they are not; then the entire process will fail.

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