Best Place For Technology Jobs Is Still San Francisco Bay Area

Six months since I published my first blog post with respect to leveraging your biggest asset to attain Financial Freedom; I still get quite a few questions on what are the best cities for technology jobs?

My answer today, 10 years after I pondered this question for myself, is still the same. San Francisco Bay Area is the best place if you work in technology or related fields.

Technology Hubs in USA Brookings Institute published a report on how to spread tech innovation across America. 

This compounding phenomenon is quite common in nature. In the late 1800s, Vilfredo Pareto made a small but interesting discovery.

Winners keep on winning

As an economist, he then extrapolated this discovery to his field and soon realized that this unequal distribution extends to other areas of life as well. We now commonly refer to this phenomenon as the Pareto principle.

What is unique about San Francisco Bay Area

Let us examine why the best place for Technology jobs is still San Francisco Bay Area – San Francisco Bay area has some of the best universities, namely – Stanford and Berkeley. – Graduates of these universities are easily connected to their past alumni. – The past alumni have been successful and are drawn to mentoring and investing in the younger generation.

Why Location is important In-spite of all the technological advancements, nothing beats a face to face conversation. Even climate change activists, realize this fact and travel for all these conferences to have an in-person connection.

People are the new resources In this informational age; individuals with skills are the most coveted resources. During the industrial era, you would establish manufacturing facilities near natural resources (timber, iron ore, etc), energy  sources (coal, oil, etc) and transportation routes (airports, waterways, railways, etc).

Myth of People Leaving California It is quite common to read headlines such as SF Bay Area experiences mass exodus of residents. To rent a moving truck from Las Vegas to San Jose and you’ll pay about $100.

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