17 Ways To Get Free Cryptocurrency

Many of us have wanted to own cryptocurrency but never felt like spending our hard-earned money to buy crypto.

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency

There are ways to earn crypto, but you have to be careful. There are legitimate ways to get free crypto, but some are scams.

If you join up as a customer with several crypto exchanges, they will give you free crypto for account opening.

Get Free Cryptocurrency by Signing Up With an Exchange

Lined Circle

Free Cryptocurrency for Learning Getting paid to learn about crypto is one of the best ways to earn free cryptocurrency.

Browse the Web and Get Free Cryptocurrency

The Brave browser could be right for you. You’ll get the Basic Attention Token (BAT) virtual currency by using the browser as long as one has the Brave Rewards program turned on.

Exercise To Earn Free Bitcoin

Now you can get free Bitcoin to walk. When you use the free app, sMiles, you can get free Bitcoin for walking, shopping, and answering survey questions.

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