How To Avoid The Challenge Of Deprivation In Pursuit Of Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom should not mean deprivation. In fact, Financial Freedom means you should feel free to spend as long as it is done intentionally and you know that the purchase will lead to far greater enjoyment in the years to come.

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Financial Freedom does not mean skipping coffee nor does it involve spending a lot of money to enjoy simple pleasures in life. As with everything in life, balance is the better approach.

While writing about Financial Freedom, I am always reminded of this Reddit post where an individual described how he lost the love of his life in the crazy pursuit of FI (Financial Independence).

Consequences of extreme frugality

It is great that the individual shared his story as a lesson for us to not lose sight of the meaning and purpose of Financial Freedom. The goal should always be to live an abundant and purposeful life; not constrained by financial challenges.

If money is a constraint here are some ideas for a romantic date night at home on a budget. Or if you have space in your budget take a trip to Hawaii with kids. You will never regret building memories

In fact, deciding to be frugal can end up costing you more money over the long term. Often, it is better to pay more and chose quality over quantity. Don’t let money drive your life. Learn to appreciate the people around you.

As we begin the Holiday season in the US; let us take a moment to pause and acknowledge all the great things we have going for us, including the people in our lives.

Let us ensure we are aware of the needs of everyone around us; and not rush towards Financial Freedom on our own.

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