How To Enjoy Financial Freedom Now While Still Working Towards It

The pursuit of Financial Freedom has a magical allure to it. For some, Financial Freedom might entail sipping margaritas on a beach and for others it might be as simple as not waking up to an alarm clock every day.

No matter how you define your ideal day after achieving Financial Freedom; are there aspects of it which can be enjoyed now while we are counting down to Financial Freedom?

Looking back to some of my happiest memories; it would be the time spent during school and college. Although I did not track my exact net worth; I am quite sure it was a fraction of what I currently have.

spending time with friends over a simple cup of coffee, walks in the park are some of the memories which come to mind.

The simple pleasures in life such as having a leisurely meal with loved ones, road trips,

Most things in life which bring you pleasure cost very little money.  This blog is focused on growing, preserving, protecting and thriving with your financial assets; we are equally focused on living well and making each sunrise count.

Several bloggers who have achieved Financial Freedom mention that they were so focused on achieving financial independence that their everyday lives along the journey became miserable.

They would avoid going to restaurants or weddings or baby showers because it would involve spending money and delay their Financial Freedom.

As long as it is not too expensive. add little luxuries to your budget. In fact, if you like take a trip and check out some of the fun things to do in Maui. Financial Freedom is worth it only if you enjoy the journey.

You don’t have to put your lives on hold until “someday”. We could all enjoy life now while counting down to our Financial Freedom number.

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