How To Get Stuff Done Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

What Is Decision Fatigue? Decision fatigue is a well-documented phenomenon which indicates our ability to make good decisions deteriorates after a long session of decision making.

Why Is The Decision Fatigue Research Important For You? The practical application of this research is that your willpower is like a muscle. And just like any other muscle which experiences fatigue after a few sets; your willpower can get fatigued when used consecutively over and over again without a break.

Decision fatigue happens to all of us every day in our lives. Most days we are faced with thousands of decisions; ranging from something as small as what should I wear today; to bigger life changing decisions

1. Define WHAT you want to achieve in the next 12 months. This could be anything from health to investing to a personal project.

Action Steps On How To Get Stuff Done

2.  Define WHY you want to achieve it.

Things will get tough. If you define your WHY; it will help you stay focused. Don’t stop at the first why but instead dig deeper with additional why questions.

3. How would you achieve this goal?  Break down your larger goal into bite size pieces. * Automate Repetitive tasks - Once you have broken your goals into discrete bite size pieces; figure out if it can be automated.

* Tasks which need concentration – Deep Work - Cal Newport coined the term “Deep Work” in his book to highlight tasks which require concentration. He explains that these tasks are the ones where you use your brain power to produce original content, analysis, studying etc.

Financial Example On How To Get Stuff Done

1. What: I want to invest an additional $10,000 this year. 2. Why: So it can accelerate my Financial Freedom Countdown which enables me to spend more time with my family and friends.

Fitness Example On How To Get Stuff Done 1. What: Lose 12 lbs of body weight in a year. 2. Why: So I can look good, health reasons, anything which is your motivating factor. 3. Break it down: 12 lbs a year is only 0.25 lb/week. Fat loss has 2 components – diet and exercise

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