How To Start A Website In 10 Minutes: Best Passive Income Generator

Even if you have not lost your job, recessions are a great reminder to develop alternate income streams.

You might have done your best at improving your human capital.

But if the company is in trouble, even top performers can’t survive.

When we evaluate the various assets to own; online business is the best due to the risk/reward ratio.

Why Start A Website

The low cost to start an online business coupled with the opportunity for passive income make it an ideal diversified income source.

Given the digital economy, more and more of our world will be moving online. Automated tools make it easy to start a website in 10 minutes with zero computer programing skills.

Contrast with a physical business where you have ongoing manufacturing costs to generate extra sales. Also, the one time effort to create content pays off in the long run.

You no longer need to create new content. Marketing the already created content will result in a passive income stream for the future.

I have listed all the steps which will help you start a blog or a website in just 10 minutes with no coding experience needed.

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