Everyone wants to develop skills that will ultimately allow them to be in demand, get an excellent salary, and have a successful and productive career.

What is a  High-Income Skill?

It is generally understood to be a skill that hits a sweet spot between a few different factors: - High demand - Hard to learn - Highly profitable - Limited worker pool

What is the Difference Between A  Soft Skill and  A Hard Skill?

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A hard skill is a skill that can be learned or taught. Soft skill is something that is usually developed over time with experience.

How Do You Develop High Income Skills?

Specialized skills can often be learned at home, or at least can start to be learned at home, thus paving the way for an individual to learn more.

Free YouTube  & Blogs

YouTube, blogs, and other free resources are on the internet and can often provide extensive online classes and resources for free.

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