Jim Simons, Renaissance Technologies And Medallion Fund

Given the fact that most of our social activities outside the house are curtailed, this was the perfect time to catch-up on some reading.

The book is the only one written about Jim Simons and the inner workings of Renaissance Technologies.

Medallion Fund The SEC filings indicates the number of participants. For a $10B fund it has less than 2,000 members.

Renaissance Technologies The signals used by Renaissance Technologies are mind boggling. It finds individual patterns in data and exploits each pattern just enough to turn a small profit.

While we may not agree with everything he says, there are nine decades of wisdom buried in Warren Buffett’s quotes.

The book does not give the secret sauce but rather chronicles how they started with trading commodities and then finally entered equities.

Robert Mercer and Trump

The book also mentions how Jim Simons who leans left in terms of political ideologies still worked with Mercer who leans right.

Ultimately Mercer stepped down from his post as co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies since most of the scientists who work on the models did not approve of his political activism.

To say that Jim Simons is recluse would be an understatement. He and his employees avoid all industry conferences and media appearances.

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