How To Start A Website In 10 Minutes: Best Passive Income Generator

Even if you have not lost your job, recessions are a great reminder to develop alternate income streams. You might have done your best at improving your human capital.

Why Start A Website When we evaluate the various assets to own; online business is the best due to the risk/reward ratio. The low cost to start an online business coupled with the opportunity for passive income make it an ideal diversified income source. Besides you can avail of several tax exemptions and live in a low cost country/state to make it even more profitable.

Given the digital economy, more and more of our world will be moving online. Automated tools make it easy to start a website in 10 minutes with zero computer programing skills.

Edward has leveraged his website to not only generate passive income but get paid more on an hourly basis. As a result, his net worth would increase much faster compared to other CPAs who did not take action.

Experienced Edward – The CPA

Who Should Start A Website

Everyone should start a website. Whether you are a beginner or expert in your field or somewhere in between. Both Suze and Edward have shown that you can share your knowledge with others.

Skills Needed to Create A Website

The good news is that you do not need any fancy skills to start a website. One click install and drag and drop features now make it much easier than ever before. Creating websites no longer needs any computer programing skills.

Step By Step Guide To Build A Website For Beginners Pick Your Web Hosting Company I am a firm believer in eating your own cooking. This website you are reading is hosted on Bluehost. So it should be no surprise that I recommend them for beginners.

Select Your Package Ignore the  Recommended option and go with the Basic. The basic package for only $3.95/month is a good starting option. As your audience grows, you can always upgrade.

Choose Your Domain Name Domain is what your users type in your browser. For example, is my domain name. 1. I always recommend using a .com domain compared to the .net or .org options. 2. Ensure that your website name is easy to pronounce and spell.

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