Travel Restrictions By State

While travel restrictions are loosening by the day, if you’re crossing state lines this summer, take a moment to review the state’s travel guidelines before finalizing your vacation plans.

Alabama There are no statewide travel restrictions for Alabama. However, Alabama’s Department of Public Health and Alabama Tourism Department actively promote health safety reminders to locals and tourists.

Alaska The state of Alaska has no travel restrictions.  You no longer have to show a negative test result before entering the state. However, they still recommend that tourists undergo pre-travel testing to avoid possible health risks.

Aside from practicing safety protocols, Arizona has no active travel restrictions or quarantine mandates for visitors coming from other US states.


California Even with lifted restrictions, California is advising basic health safety protocols like wearing masks in public, getting tested prior to travel, self-quarantine if unvaccinated, and getting vaccinated. 


At the moment, there are no travel restrictions for visitors coming from other states. However, the government advises everyone, especially visitors, to practice responsible tourism at all times including.

Delaware There are no active travel restrictions implemented in Delaware for visitors arriving from other US states.  Refer to visitdelaware for travel advisory updates and more information.


Florida currently has no interstate travel restrictions. With 43% of the state vaccinated, the government continues its effort of health and safety protocols.

Georgia Though no travel restrictions to, from, and within the state of Georgia. People are encouraged to follow health safety procedures and review health precautions before traveling.

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