If you have been dreaming of Financial Freedom in a high cost of living area; you have come to the right place. This website is dedicated to helping you think differently about your financial challenges and how to live your best life. 

We will talk about a myriad of topics related to increasing income while thriving in a high cost of living location, investment options outside of stocks, bonds and real estate, life optimization strategies, protection against disaster, travel and anything related to smart financial planning. The goal is to live an abundant and purposeful life; not constrained by financial challenges.

I came from a third world country to the US with only $1,000 not knowing anyone; guided only by an immigrant dream. It was definitely challenging to not just survive; but also thrive in one of the most expensive parts of the world. Accumulated a net worth of $2.3M in 12 years to be financially independent; while continuing to enjoy each day.

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Financial Freedom Countdown
The logo of Financial Freedom Countdown embodies wings to represent freedom from financial challenges and an hour glass for the pivotal moment when this would be a reality.

Why I decided to start this blog

Even with high incomes; I noticed many of my coworkers and friends stressed out about work, finances and emergencies. Earning money is one aspect; but effectively deploying capital so it works for you is the more tricky part.

Starting this blog was inspired by a distinct memory in my working career. My VP who is in her 70s one day mentioned that her sister was not keeping well. I naturally assumed she would visit and asked about her travel plans. However, she did not want to take time off given that we had a huge product launch coming up.

Two weeks later, when we were in a meeting; she received a phone call. Her sister had passed away:(

The fact that although she was a VP, earning at least 3X more than me; and yet was a “wage slave” hit me like a tidal wave.

The goal for all of us should be that you are no longer trading time for money.

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As I share my own experiences, I hope we can learn from each of our failures and success. I firmly believe while each of our paths would be unique based on our own financial situation; we all share the same goal of living our best lives along this journey.

Your financial goals could include taking any or all of the following financial steps – being debt free, building up cash flow for living expenses, accumulating assets, estate planning, retirement planning.

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