10 Best Early Retirement Books You Need To Read

Financial Independence Early Retirement (FIRE) has become more mainstream several individuals have chronicled their journey sprinkled with concrete advice.

The book’s basic concept emphasizes that when we work, we exchange our life energy (usually in the form of time) for money.

Five Regrets Of The Dying At a high level, the book documents the regrets Bronnie Ware heard from her patients in the final weeks of their lives.

Early Retirement Extreme I consider Early Retirement Extreme as a high-level concept book. Also wouldn’t recommend this book as an introductory book when trying to convert others to early retirement.

While we may not agree with everything he says, there are nine decades of wisdom buried in Warren Buffett’s quotes.

Work Optional The book is a three-part series and starts with a reflective effort to create one’s money mission statement.

Rich Dad Poor Dad The book covers how to grow your assets and the difference between assets and liabilities.

Quit Like a Millionaire Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung share their story of retirement with a million dollars in their early 30s.

Retire Early with Real Estate Chad’s book doesn’t focus on building a real estate empire or strategies like farmland investing. Instead, it focuses on buying homes as rental properties for people to live in.

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