Is Investing In Cryptocurrency IRAs A Good Idea?

A crypto IRA is a type of individual retirement account (IRA) developed for individuals who want to profit from the digital currency market without giving up the tax shelter benefits of an IRA.

The broader adoption of cryptocurrencies coupled with their meteoric price gains has led individuals to wonder if investing their IRA in assets like cryptocurrencies is possible.

Cryptocurrency IRAs, sometimes known as Bitcoin IRAs, are self-directed retirement accounts.

It makes sense to shelter your highest growing assets in a tax-sheltered account from a tax optimization strategy.

Why Invest In Cryptocurrency in an IRA

The advent of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has led us to rethink the most optimal investment option in tax-sheltered accounts.

If you trade virtual currencies outside of a tax-sheltered account, you would have a nightmare at filing taxes with keeping track of all the transactions.

Besides the tax reporting nightmare with trading outside of tax-sheltered accounts, you would also need to pay taxes on your profits.

A cryptocurrency IRA is treated similarly to other self-directed IRAs regarding taxes. You won’t pay capital gains taxes until you start taking withdrawals from your account during retirement.

Many financial advisors will tell folks to avoid crypto investment in an IRA. Crypto is still quite volatile, making it a scary thing to invest in, especially if it has anything to do with a person’s retirement.

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