Is San Francisco Real Estate Still A Good Investment?

While home prices typically keep pace with inflation, the meteoric rise in San Francisco home prices has outpaced even the most optimistic expectations.

As soon as several companies began offering the option to work from home permanently; employees considered the arbitrage opportunity.

Technology firms moving to a remote working environment would lower the salaries by having the option of hiring workers in different geographies. As a result, the technology premium of salaries would reduce and consequently the rent and home affordability would drop.

City has more renters compared to owners. Also the rent control laws are one of the worst in the country except maybe NYC.

Challenges of San Francisco

There are no defined roles and responsibilities or procedural manuals to be followed. Burn rate is critical and any delays to launch a product would be the difference between a multi billion dollar firm and a failed statistic.

Accelerator Programs

San Francisco Bay Area is more than San Francisco city. In fact, the movement of startups to the city has been a more recent phenomenon.

Core Engineering Positions

Engineering positions will continue to be aligned with their head quarters. Having worked in large scale technology companies.

People pursuing Financial Freedom are an elite minority. Most people enjoy working; and in fact have a pretty active social life with their work friends.

Career Progression Needs Face Time

In order to advance in your career; visibility is quite important. Working remote all the time will not help you in the long run.

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