10 Cities Where Homes Under $350,000 Are Still Within Reach Despite the Affordability Crisis

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With the latest Consumer Price Index indicating that inflation is not decreasing, mortgage rates began rising in April, making home affordability a significant challenge for 2024. Currently, a household income of approximately $106,500 is needed to comfortably afford the monthly mortgage on a typical home priced around $415,000, making homeownership feel out of reach for many.

However, there’s a silver lining. A recent Realtor.com analysis has identified several metropolitan areas where homes are priced between $200,000 and $350,000, significantly below the national median. These affordable gems are primarily located in the Southern U.S., a region now recognized as a hotspot for budget-friendly real estate. Florida, in particular, accounts for 18% of these economical listings, according to Realtor.com’s Chief Economist, Danielle Hale.

So, what does affordability look like in these areas?

The median home price in the top 7 cities selected by Realtor.com is higher than the $350,000 affordable limit although the report does state few houses are still available in these cities. 


#1 Miami, Florida

Miami Beach, Florida
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Miami, known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and lively nightlife, is a melting pot of Latin American and Caribbean influences. With its tropical climate and diverse neighborhoods, it’s a popular destination for tourists and residents alike.

Metro median list price: $550,000

#2 Dallas, Texas

Depositphotos 82407328 L Dallas Texas Photo by mandritoiu
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Dallas, a major city in North Texas, offers a thriving economy, world-class dining and shopping, and a rich arts and culture scene. With its booming job market and affordable housing options, it’s a city where residents can enjoy a high quality of life and plenty of opportunities for growth.

Metro median list price: $435,000

#3 Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida, USA downtown skyline on the Hillsborough River.
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Tampa, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, boasts beautiful beaches, waterfront parks, and a laid-back lifestyle. With its affordable cost of living, strong job market, and diverse population, it’s a city that appeals to families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

Metro median list price: $416,000

#4 San Antonio, Texas

the San Antonio, Texas riverwalk and its many colorful sites
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San Antonio, known for its historic missions, vibrant River Walk, and rich cultural heritage, is a dynamic city with a small-town feel. With its affordable housing market, low cost of living, and strong sense of community, it’s a popular destination for those seeking a high quality of life in the heart of Texas.

Metro median list price: $335,000

#5 Houston, Texas

Houston Texas modern skyline at sunset twilight from park lawn HDRI
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Houston, the largest city in Texas, offers a diverse economy, world-class dining and entertainment, and a thriving arts and culture scene. With its affordable housing options, strong job market, and abundance of green spaces, it’s a city that offers something for everyone.

Metro median list price: $360,000

#6 Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida
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Orlando, known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” is home to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando. With its warm climate, family-friendly attractions, and affordable cost of living, it’s a popular destination for tourists and residents alike.

Metro median list price: $435,000

#7 Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia
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Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, offers a vibrant arts and culture scene, diverse culinary offerings, and a booming economy. With its affordable housing market, top-ranked schools, and abundance of parks and green spaces, it’s a city that appeals to residents of all ages.

Metro median list price: $409,000

#8 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma, boasts a low cost of living, friendly residents, and a strong sense of community. With its affordable housing options, strong job market, and abundance of outdoor recreational activities, it’s a city on the rise.

Metro median list price: $323,000

# 9 New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana at Jackson Square.
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New Orleans, known for its jazz music, Creole cuisine, and historic architecture, is a city with a rich cultural heritage and unique charm. With its affordable cost of living, lively arts and entertainment scene, and strong sense of community, it’s a city that captures the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

Metro median list price: $325,000

#10 Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama
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Birmingham, known as the Magic City, boasts a thriving arts scene, delicious southern cuisine, and a lower-than-average cost of living. With its charming neighborhoods and vibrant downtown, it’s an attractive option for those seeking affordable homes without sacrificing amenities.

Metro median list price: $286,000

Home Affordability Worsening

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Cities like Miami and Tampa are abundant with condos, townhomes, and row houses, while those in pursuit of single-family homes might find their dream in Texas, with promising prospects in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston as per the report by Realtor.com.

Shelter Consumer Price Index (CPI) has now been above 5% for 24 consecutive months, the longest period of elevated housing inflation since the early 1980s.

For a third month in a row, inflation came in higher than expected and mortgage rates as per Freddie Mac are at 6.88% for a 30-year fixed rate.

With inflation persisting at elevated levels and mortgage rates on the rise, the road ahead remains uncertain for prospective homebuyers.

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