7 Easy Jobs That Pay Well

Easy Jobs That Pay Well

Most of us look for a few things in a job, but chief among them is a job that pays well. After all, we all work for money, and having a job that compensates us fairly is a huge part of the reason that so many of us spend so much time at our jobs.

Many spend years – or decades – training for a job that fairly compensates them for their work. They may go to school, get a bachelor’s degree (or much higher) and spend extensive hours honing their craft.

For many, that time in training and formal education isn’t an option. Many people are looking for a good, easy job that provides on-the-job training – if any is even necessary.

If that’s the case for you, you are in luck, as there are a variety of positions that can help you fulfill this career goal. Here is a look at the easiest high-paying jobs.

What Even Easy Jobs Require

You unquestionably have options if you look for easy jobs that pay well. However, you also have to be realistic. No job paying a decent wage requires no training or other physical or intellectual requirements. As such, you must be prepared to meet certain conditions in any well-paying job, which include:

Potential Education Requirements

First, keep in mind that most jobs have, at a minimum, a high school diploma. The high school diploma doesn’t have to be from a traditional school, and many jobs are more than happy to accept some similar alternative to a high school diploma, like a GED. However, you will almost certainly need a high school diploma for any job you get after the age of 18.

There are exceptions to every rule. Some jobs, like side gigs, won’t require a high school diploma. However, you’ll need to explore the educational requirements necessary to start working somewhere. Some jobs require more advanced degrees, like an associate’s degree.

While there are ample opportunities to work in a field with lower education requirements, a high-paying job will almost certainly have at least a minimum of educational prerequisites.

Physical Stamina

Things can get more complicated regarding the physical stamina necessary for some jobs. Office jobs – like that of an analyst or receptionist – may require you to sit at a desk for extended periods.

While this is nothing compared to other physical jobs, some degree of stamina is still involved. Furthermore, some people find it difficult to perform if they sit still for extended periods. Finding easy jobs that pay well means finding a job that you can physically perform.

Of course, other jobs – like daycare, the construction industry, skilled trades, or nursing – may require much more intensive physical stamina.

If you are looking for easy jobs that pay well but can’t run around and physically move as necessary, you will likely struggle to handle specific jobs.

In other words, when conducting a career search, don’t confine yourself to questions of educational requirements or search for low-stress jobs alone. Make sure you can physically manage any job.

On-the-Job Training

There is no job where you walk in the door and begin to work. Even easy jobs that pay well require that you have some capacity for on-the-job training. Even entry-level positions require some training program.

What does this mean? Job seekers will need to keep training requirements in mind.

In many cases, on-the-job training may only involve a brief orientation and demonstration of relatively easy-to-manage equipment. In other cases, a person may undergo more intense training or earn a certification in a specific field before they can begin work.

Most entry-level positions do not require this intense training, but you’ll need to find out what training is required before you begin any job.

Clean Criminal Record

There’s good news and bad news in this area. The good news is that more and more employers now understand that a criminal record shouldn’t necessarily stop a person from holding a good job, provided they have rehabilitated. They are now in a position where they can positively contribute to society.

Furthermore, the continued tightness in the job market means that many potential employers are more willing than ever to look beyond previous indiscretions.

The bad news is that there are still many occupations where having any criminal record can ultimately stop you from getting a job. This includes many certified professions, professions that deal with money, or professions that deal with vulnerable people and put you in a position of trust.

Having a criminal record is no longer fatal to your job search prospects, and if you do have a criminal record, there are still many jobs – including entry-level jobs – that you can perform.

However, you’ll need to be prepared to answer questions about your criminal past. You will also have to understand that there are some positions you will not be able to qualify for, even those that are in high demand.


Easy jobs are usually straightforward because of the responsibilities of their position and relatively low barriers to entry. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everything about a job will be easy, and it almost certainly doesn’t mean that your work hours will be easy.

In most cases, these easy jobs require you to be willing to work in a non-traditional environment in terms of your time on the clock. Your time working may shift wildly from one week to the next.

Some jobs provide more regular hours, and in others, you work when you want. As such, there is a balancing act and a trade-off.

You should understand that it may be challenging to control your calendar with any of these easy jobs, or if you do control the time you work, the amount of hours you put in is usually directly related to the money you earn.

Easy Jobs That Pay Well

Now that we have reviewed some of the qualities necessary for any job – even easy jobs that pay well – let’s start talking about specific positions you can get.

Operations Research Analyst

When it comes to entry-level jobs, an operations research analyst typically starts well. The job runs a wide range in terms of skill level. Some operations research analysts have no formal education beyond a high school diploma, while others have a full-fledged Master’s Degree.

Operations research analysts typically research to inform business practices and programs better. It typically involves searching a wide range of professional databases and networks.

From there, an operations research analyst will likely craft a research program or proposal to inform better business decisions. Someone who does this job will have to understand computers and research and probably have to sit at a desk for long periods.

Here’s the good news: As far as stress goes, all you have to do is sit at a desk and search for things, then write reports. This certainly isn’t an utterly stress-free job – what job is it? – but it is absolutely one that will enable you to make a decent living.

Typically salary ranges show that this job usually starts at around $46,000 a year. Like all other jobs, the pay will increase over time, giving you a great chance to earn more as you work longer. Operations and research types of jobs are one of the many jobs identified when pursuing positions in real estate investment trusts as a career path.

Flight Attendants

The job of a flight attendant is less carefree than it used to be, but there is no question that this is a job that someone can do with lower levels of formal education. Flight attendants are best known for what they do on flights. Most of us have only interacted with a flight attendant when boarding a plane or trying to get a drink on a flight.

To be clear, being a flight attendant is more than that: You also have extensive knowledge of plane safety, understand how to react in an emergency, and be prepared to deal with the occasional unruly customer. As such, this is not one of the most stress-free jobs on our list.

However, being a flight attendant also comes with some genuinely incredible perks. Chief among them is flexibility and the chance to travel. Serving as a flight attendant will allow you to fly to cities across the world, have your travel paid for, and give you a chance to have a variety of new adventures.

The job is usually a union job and one that comes with other benefits. The average annual salary typically starts at around $41,000, but there is plenty of upward movement: Flight attendants can make as much as $120,000 a year with enough experience. With career advancement, this job pays well.

Equipment Operators

Manufacturing has made a massive resurgence in America, and with that resurgence comes a need for trained professionals. Equipment operators come in all shapes and sizes, operating large and small equipment, complex and relatively simple. However, there are significant shortages of qualified equipment operators in the United States today.

As a result, many businesses are practically falling over themselves to get qualified equipment operators who can handle expensive machinery.

Equipment operators always require some training and having an educational background in machinery or skilled trade can be a massive boon to your career prospects here. The annual pay is tough to determine, given a large number of equipment operators. However, given the enormous demand and relatively low supply, the annual salary will likely be high at this point.

Real Estate Agents

If you have ever purchased property, you’ve almost certainly used a real estate agent. A real estate agent is a person who walks a person or company through the process of buying or selling a property.

They understand laws, know how to market a property, and are trained to get you the best deal possible. By doing so, they can save you money and help ensure you find the home, office, or business location of your dreams.

You will need a real estate license to become a real estate agent. A high school diploma is typically required here. Furthermore, you’ll need to take a class and pass an exam. This can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive.

However, from there, you have plenty of career flexibility. Real estate agents typically work on commission, meaning you get paid based on how many homes or properties you sell. This gives you flexibility: If you want to make more, you work harder.

As such, finding an average salary for a real estate agent can be challenging. However, there is no question that it can be a lucrative and profitable career.

In addition, if you have personal experience investing in real estate, you can carve a niche for yourself. While most agents cater to home buyers, you can demonstrate your expertise in evaluating a rental property.

Investors who do not live in one of the best states for real estate investors have to consider long-distance investing or turnkey property. A real estate agent for out-of-state investors can help find contractors for rehab projects or even property managers.

Massage Therapists

Being a massage therapist can genuinely be a rewarding job. In times of high stress, massage therapists are in high demand.

The training to become a massage therapist can be more intense than many people realize. It extensively reviews the human body, anatomy, and specific massage techniques.

There are also many kinds of massage therapists, including stress relief or physical therapy. Massage therapy can be an excellent career in and of itself or one that can be enjoyed in conjunction with another specialty.

Depending on the state, massage therapists may have to get a special license and pass an exam. Since massage therapists are often in a position of trust over their clients, a clean criminal background check is usually required.

Massage therapists must be in excellent physical shape, as the job has some relatively stringent physical demands: You’ll have to stand for hours and use your hands and arms extensively. As such, this job is not for everyone.

However, being a massage therapist can be a gratifying job that pays relatively well. A massage therapist can start between $30,000 – $40,000 and has extensive upward mobility if they are in high demand.

Delivery Drivers

The massive explosion of internet-based commerce has resulted in a vast array of needs for delivery drivers. UPS, USPS, Amazon, and FedEx are constantly hiring delivery drivers to deliver their goods and ensure that consumers can order items off the internet and get them delivered as quickly as possible. This is good news for job seekers interested in such a job.

Delivery driving means a relatively constant stream of driving, getting out of your truck, delivering items, and returning to a manufacturing hub. As you would expect, you have to have an extensive knowledge of local geography, be in good overall health and have the stamina to drive a truck for hours at a time. You will also need to have the physical ability to be constantly moving, loading, and unloading goods.

This job may have little stress, but it shouldn’t be confused as entirely stress-free. You will need to track inventory and be able to deliver goods safely and securely.

There will also be extensive paperwork options, as you must work within established systems to ensure that goods get to their intended destinations. Fortunately, most people can handle being delivery drivers with the right training.

The relative shortage of drivers has driven an increase in demand and pay. The average salary of a delivery driver is around $40,000, but there are plenty of opportunities for upward movement.

Furthermore, delivery driver jobs are often either government or union jobs. This means they may have additional benefits, including health care, enhanced job security, or a pension.

Of course, will robots take my job is a legitimate concern for delivery drivers with the increased autonomous driving solutions available

Sales Representative

Being a sales representative can be an extremely easy job – if you have the personality.

If you don’t, it can be an absolute nightmare.

As the name implies, being a sales representative means working for a company to sell a product. Sales representatives have to be quick on their feet, able to build relationships with individuals, answer questions, and able to read people.

As a sales representative, you have to be able to figure out what someone wants and what can help close the sale. Sales is one of the most well-paid high-income skills jobs.

Being a sales representative can sometimes be challenging. It may involve a good amount of door-knocking or cold calling. However, it can be worth it.

It is an excellent job for self-motivated people who enjoy working for a commission. However, there is no question that it is not for everyone. People who are uncomfortable in social settings or afraid of putting themselves out in front of others can be deeply uncomfortable with a sales job.

You may have to spend a reasonable amount of time schmoozing potential clients on a golf course, working to ensure that they like you, trust you, and are willing to spend their money with you.

For some people, this feels too “dirty.” Others are uncomfortable with acting in any “salesy” way and may prefer a job where they can “be themselves” or avoid interacting with people quite as much.

However, it can pay well: Good sales representatives can make a 7 figure salary.

Side Gigs

It may not seem like it, but the truth is that you can get paid very well with any number of side gigs. Some of the popular sides are

Dog Walker

A dog walker job may be perfect if you are looking for an easy, fun job. It will allow you to exercise while spending time with dogs.

In this job, you typically need the stamina and ability to get to someone’s house, walk their dog, and clean up after the pet. As long as you can do that, you should be good.

Dog walking isn’t something you can make a living off of, but it is a fun, easy job and a great way to supplement your income.


Babysitting allows you to spend time with and care for kids. Again, this is an excellent way of supplementing your income.

You can get babysitting jobs either through word of mouth or by signing up for one of many websites that will allow you to put yourself out and get a job.

Gig Drivers

With the rise in the gig economy, the need for more drivers has exploded. There are plenty of rideshare platforms that you can drive for, including Uber and Lyft.

However, if you are interested, you could also explore alternative driving programs, like becoming a taxi driver or delivery driver. There are significant shortages in both of these fields, and by entering these arenas, you could set yourself up for formal training that can be extremely useful in the future.

Artistic Jobs

The slew of websites – like eBay and Etsy – have made it easy for people to showcase a wide array of artistic talents. All you typically have to do for these websites is have creative ability and business know-how. Once you develop that, you can begin to sell your products online.

Of course, these websites retain a percentage of your profits. To avoid losing money, you can collect the contact details of your 1000 true fans and get them to buy directly from your website. It is easy to start a website in 10 minutes by following my tutorial.

Most side gigs require no formal training, meaning you have plenty of time to engage in a fun hobby or something you already know how to do – and get paid for!

Cons of Side Gigs

Side gigs have tremendous potential to supplement your income, allow you to explore your passion, and develop new skills that can enable you to advance your career later. However, as with all career choices, side gigs have some downsides, and you should consider these before genuinely investing in this potential career path. Some of the negative aspects of side gigs include

Career Stability and Security

One of the most significant problems with freelancing jobs and side gigs is that they do not provide stability and security that most working people want. Instead, they force workers to move quickly from job to job, hoping they can locate steady employment that will pay well. Compared to 9-5 jobs, freelance and side gigs do not promise a steady income stream.

Comparative Pay

Sometimes, side gigs can pay relatively well. Other times, they don’t. It ultimately depends on what job you can get, how much you can charge, and how good you are at your side gig.

Indeed, a side gig won’t require the extensive on-the-job training, education, or experience that other jobs have. They may be very low-stress and may allow you to gain experience for another path. However, being realistic about your salary benefits in a side gig is important.

Health Care Benefits and Retirement

This is an area where side gigs are notoriously lacking. Even if you are lucky enough to find a side gig with a positive work environment that doesn’t have extensive requirements for prior experience, the odds are good that you will not be able to find one that can support your health care, provide you with other benefits, or fund your retirement.

Benefits are an essential part of job compensation. After all, it is possible to retire early with only a 401(k). Similarly, the tax-saving advantages of retirement or Health Savings Accounts can help you increase your average net worth.

As such, you will have to pay for all these on your own, an expense that will unquestionably eat into your already limited salary. Using a budget to save for retirement is complicated with freelancing jobs. Side gigs should generally be considered as an additional type of income and not as a primary job.

What Is the Easiest Job That Pays the Most?

A fun job that pays well is a job that involves your passion, has low stress, and matches your current knowledge and skills. Such a job will always seem easy, and you will enjoy it in the long run.

For example, if you enjoy the company of dogs and walking, a job as a dog walker would be fun compared to someone hostile to dogs. Similarly, an operations analyst job in any field would be easy if you like numbers and analyzing data.

As you can see, even easy jobs that pay well have specific requirements. You will need some formal education, on-the-job training, and more. However, the jobs listed above all have a few things in common:

  • The barriers to entry are lower than in many other positions.
  • They are in high demand.
  • They give you a chance to earn a good salary and improve your career prospects in the long run.

As such, the jobs above come with incredible personal and professional advancement opportunities. If you are looking for a low-stress, entry-level, or fun job, check out the options above and see if any of these are for you.

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  1. Thank you for posting this article. In one of your interviews, probably many of your interviews, you stated that you changed jobs regularly – what percentage of income increase were you hoping for? I’m probably not using the proper term, but, every time you changed jobs, what were you looking for? Also, congratulations on your early retirement and I appreciate all of the help you’ve given.

    1. I would aim for at least a 25% raise and switch jobs every 3-4 years. Also I would try and see if I was eligible for the next level job which helped justify the salary jump.

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